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EzFin is a publisher and technology firm that makes it easy for individuals to save money, educating them on financial discipline and rigor to generate wealth long term by choosing the right platform and investing tools using products such as EzSave and EzInvest.

Our Products


Analyzes individuals spending habits and income to enable them to save more which will help them build long term wealth.



Once the individual is set on a happy financial path to save and put money for investment, the extra cash can be used towards investing decisions


Our Story

How the journey started

The idea was generated when EzFin founder experienced challenges in setting up Roth IRA and making investment choices. Financial advisors charge enormous money for any advice and they were incentivized to sell their own products - life insurance, mutual funds, etc. Having dual degrees and MBA from one of the top universities, it was recognized that this is a problem with every household as they make smarter choices about their financial health. EzFin was founded by a team of MBA graduates. EzFin has interviewed various customers in the US (including my solutions for long-term wealth creation.EzFin has interviewed various customers in the US (including states such as illinois, washington, texas, missouri, and north dakota) and identifies a need for improving financial health of individuals by offering them easy solutions for long term wealth creation.

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